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Is Your House Dirty? Clean It Up!

We specialize in exterior house pressure washing and we do it very well. We take time to pressure wash every inch and remove the dirt and mold if any from your home’s exterior. Why trust your most prized possession to a company with little to no pressure washing experience? As the premiere house washing and pressure washing company in St. Joseph and Kansas City, our skilled professionals know the right combination of water pressure and chemicals to improve your home’s exterior without harming it in the process. Our pressure washing technicians are thoroughly trained on all of our special equipment to make sure that they take off what needs to be removed, not the paint, siding, spackle, vinyl or finish. Our employees take the time to check the surfaces carefully before starting pressure-washing services. Superior Window Cleaning is not only experienced with using the latest house pressure washing equipment, but we’re also professional, insured, bonded and use the latest processes and techniques to wash your home safely and effectively.

Learn More From Our Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my home Low Pressure Washed?
We recommend that once you start seeing mold and mildew on your house you should schedule you cleaning asap before it becomes and issue. We also have customers who are on our schedule every year to make sure their home looks as good as possible and stays mold free.
What makes SPWC different?
SPWC is a family-owned business—not an impersonal franchise—we are dedicated to continuous systems improvement in a continuously changing world and business climate. We take pride in having better systems and training than any other cleaning franchise plus the heart and soul of a local, family run business. What does that mean for you? The best possible service experience and the most knowledgeable cleaning staff. That is why our outstanding customer service and satisfaction has earned the trust of thousands of homeowners and hundreds of businesses.
How do I get an Estimate?
You can fill out our Contact Form on our website or give us a call. We do most of our estimates over the phone by asking a few quick questions. In some cases we do stop by to take a look at your home.
Are you insured?
Absolutely. We have all the necessary work comp, liability insurance, and bonding. We also have a well trained staff than is constantly being educated on training and safety.
What is your 18 month guarantee?
We guarantee that mold and mildew will not return 18 months after the service is performed. If it does, we will come back out and treat the area for free.
Are your chemicals safe?
All of our chemicals are safe for plants, pets, and your home.
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