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Holiday Lighting


Leasing Terms

Superior Professional Window Cleaning LLC. will provide all materials and equipment for holiday lighting services. All lights, cords, timers, and other equipment/decorations installed is the property of Superior Processional Window Cleaning LLC. Superior Professional Window Cleaning LLC will be responsible for all installation, maintenance, and takedown of all equipment provided. Lights will be leased to the customer for the season which are installed September thru December and taken down in January/February weather permitting.



We do run into situations where factors that may present a high risk of injury to employees, damage to property, or violation of OSHA regulations. In those situations, we will deem the area inaccessible and do our best to install according to OSHA guidelines.

Our installation and takedowns require safe working conditions. There may be times where weather conditions that present a health and safety hazard to our crew may delay installations or takedowns. We do not send any employees on any roofs if frost, snow, ice, or wet surfaces are present. We do not send out crews if street and/or a customers driveway are not in drivable conditions due to weather.

Nearby outlet(s) are needed for each job. If an exterior outlet or reasonable interior outlet is not available, additional charges to run excess extension wire will be charged to the customer at approx. $.30 per additional foot.

Lights are hung on your gutters and peaks with clips. In very rare cases we may use minimal staples to hide extension cords or secure strands in places where clips will not work. If you have any questions or concerns about using staples please let us know.

All decorations and equipment are leased and owned by Superior Professional Window Cleaning LLC. In the event that our displays are tampered, damaged, and/or stolen by any other persons, replacement costs will be figured and billed to the customer.



If you have any issues with your display please let us know asap. We want to make sure our displays are looking great! Once we are notified of any maintenance (ex. Burned out bulb), we will be out within a 2 business day period to address any issues weather permitting.


Removal of Decorations :

Removal of decorations is scheduled by geographic location in order to maximize efficiency. Our goal is to have your holiday lights removed before the end of January but due to weather conditions we cannot guarantee this timeframe and may have to complete takedowns later. Upon removal, all decorations will be securely stored in a plastic bin that we will automatically store at our facility.


Preexisting Conditions and Warranties

Superior Professional Window Cleaning LLC. is not responsible for preexisting damage such as but not limited to peeling paint, wood rot, loose siding or trim, staining, paint oxidation, faulty construction, loose singles, overspray, broken windows & doors, faulty plumbing, faulty fixtures, or faulty/loose gutters.

We are not liable for any damage to faulty or failed electrical outlets that are not properly sealed and covered as per current building codes. These defects may cause interior breakers to trip or disrupted any portion of interior wiring or devices. We assume all exterior electrical outlets, fixtures, and devices are up to building code and are properly sealed and water resistant. Our displays may need up to 20 amps free per outlet. Please may sure that major appliances are not ran on the same breaker that displays are used. We are not responsible for any devices tied into the same breaker.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are a customer service company first. We want to make sure our customers are getting the service that was bid and paid for. If you have any questions with any scope of service being performed please address it with our crew or office immediately. Being a local family owned company we  take our reputation and the relationship with our customers as a top priority. We will go to exceeding lengths to make sure our customer base is well taken care of.



Discounts, Taxes, Fees, and Surcharges

Any offers, discounts, or gift cards need to be presented during the bidding process.

Currently, the State of Missouri and the State of Kansas do not require us to collect any type of Sales Tax for services.

Returned Check Fees of $30.00 will be added for any returned check.

A 3% Credit Card Fee is included on all credit card transactions.


Text Message and Email Privacy Policy

Text Message and Email Communication Opt-In Policy for Customers and Prospects:

At Superior Professional Window Cleaning LLC, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and support. As part of this commitment, we offer text message and email communications to keep you informed about service reminders, estimates, scheduling, and general communications about our services.

To ensure that we are respectful of your privacy and preferences, we have established the following opt-in policy:

Text Message Opt-In Policy:

By providing your mobile phone number and requesting an estimate or service, you are agreeing to receive text messages from Superior Professional Window Cleaning LLC at the numbers provided. Standard message and data rates may apply.

You may opt-out of receiving text messages at any time by replying “STOP” to any text message you receive from Superior Professional Window Cleaning LLC.

Email Opt-In Policy:

By providing your email address and requesting an estimate or service, you are agreeing to receive emails from Superior Professional Window Cleaning LLC. These emails may include marketing messages, service reminders, estimates, and general communications about our services.

You may opt-out of receiving emails at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in any email you receive from Superior Professional Window Cleaning LLC.

We value your privacy and will never share or sell your contact information to third parties.

If you have any questions or concerns about our communication opt-in policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Payment and Agreement to Service

If a customer has not fully paid their for their holiday light service by December 20th of each year, we reserve the right to remove our product off their home and keep any deposit previously made. Deposits are non-refundable once your display is installed.

By accepting your proposal and signing, you agree to all disclaimers, conditions, and lease agreement terms above. Once signed, a 50% deposit will be due before scheduling. An invoice will be sent to your email that you may pay by credit card. The other 50% due on your invoice will be paid at the completion of your installation.




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