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Christmas Lighting in St. Joseph MO

Get The Best Christmas Lighting in St. Joseph Missouri

If you are looking for a professional, experienced, licensed Holiday Lighting in St. Joseph Missouri then call Superior Professional Window Cleaning. We service residential and commercial property owners in St. Joseph Missouri area. We specialize in all your Holiday Lighting needs!

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Benefits of our St. Joseph Christmas Lighting Services

We take care of everything – from installing the lights to maintaining them throughout the holiday season and finally, safely taking them down and storing them. No hassle for you!

Our lights are not like the ones you find in big box stores. We use top-notch commercial-grade LED Smooth Transparent C7 bulbs and strands, providing a high-quality and long-lasting holiday display.

Choose from a variety of colors to create your unique holiday magic. Plus, you can change the colors and patterns each year, ensuring a fresh and exciting look every holiday season.

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Why Choose Our St. Joseph Christmas Lighting?

Superior Professional Window Cleaning stands out as the best choice for your holiday lighting needs in St. Joseph, Missouri. Our commitment to excellence begins with top-of-the-line commercial-grade LED Smooth Transparent C7 bulbs and strands, ensuring a vibrant and long-lasting display that outshines the competition. We take pride in our meticulous custom fitting, precisely cutting and hanging lights to fit your gutter lines and roof edges for a polished and tailored look. With hassle-free maintenance, exclusive color options, and the flexibility to change patterns yearly, we provide a unique and stress-free holiday experience. Our early hang discounts and comprehensive service, covering installation to takedown, make us the go-to experts for turning your home into a festive wonderland. Join countless satisfied customers who trust Superior Professional Window Cleaning to make their holidays merry, bright, and truly superior.

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Christi Landes


Christmas Lighting In St. Joseph

We have used them for both window cleaning and hanging Christmas lights. Service is highly recommended and we are repeat satisfied customers. Give them a try!

tracy lindley

Tracy Lindley


Christmas Lighting In St. Joseph MO

WOW! They hung our Christmas lights to perfection and now my windows are sparkling inside and out. These guys are like magical elves! If elves wore blue hoodies and were nice to my cats. I recommend their Christmas lighting services!
Marie Jensen

Marie Jensen


Christmas Lighting St. Joseph MO

Their crew installed Christmas lights on our home. They were very professional, did the whole Christmas lighting in about 2 hours. We love the lights. Great to work with at every step.

Make Your Home The Brightest On The Block!

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Get The Highest Quality Christmas Lighting in St. Joseph Missouri

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Frequently Asked Christmas Lighting Questions

We lease, install, maintain and takedown commercial grade LED Smooth Transparent C7 bulbs and strands. These are nothing like the big box store lights. We custom cut and hang them to fit the gutter lines and the edge of your roof. Our standard bid is for the front on your home which includes the gutters and edge of the roof installed, maintained, taken down, and stored.
Over 90% of customers prefer Warm White. We do supply Green, Red, and Blue in C7 bulbs also. We offer the option for our customers to change their bulb colors and patterns each year!
Our standard estimate includes the edge of the roof and gutter on the front of your home. We take pictures and create a rough sketch of where the display will be installed. We are happy to bid other areas of your home, just let us know what you are looking for.
We lease all lights, decorations, and equipment to you. We do not install or maintain customer owned product.
We believe leasing the lights is the best long term package for our customers. Other companies offer selling direct to the customer and you are responsible for costs and labor when lights, wires, sockets, timers, and plugs go out. With our leasing model we offer 100% warranty on all of our product. When your display needs repaired or replaced we cover all costs and labor. No unexpected service fees or costs for our customers. With leasing, we offer the option for our customers to change their bulb colors and patterns each year!
Request a Free Estimate. Read our Lease Terms, Disclaimers and Conditions. Then Accept and sign your proposal. An invoice for your 50% deposit will be emailed to you. Once paid, we will put you on our schedule and then notify you a week before when we will be out to start installing your display.

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